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Write, write, write.

Keep Writing

There is no one way.

And there are countless 

resources to help you.


Here are my personal Top Choices

for books, blogs, and advice.


On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

by Stephen King

​A favorite. Great advice without even a trace of arrogance. 

The Elements of Style

by William Strunk and E.B. White

Older, but still true. I love the brief, no-nonsense approach.

Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

by Roy Peter Clark

A lot of material and no wasted space.

The First 5 Pages: A Writer's Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile

by Noah Lukeman

Eye-opening. An agent/editor's perspective.

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Story Engineering

by Larry Brooks

Logical, easy, and practical. Great examples.

The Magic of Fiction: Crafting Words into Story

By Beth Hill


Thorough, clear, and useful. A tool to hone your manuscript. Great blog too. 

Empowering Characters Emotions (Lecture Package and website)

by Margie Lawson

The lecture package was affordable and worth it. Lots of other classes and information.

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Grammar Girl's tips (and book)

by Mignon Fogarty

Clear advice on punctuation and grammar.

Jane Friedman's Blog

Lots of practical advice and resources for writers.

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Daily Writing tips Blog

Useful blog with exercises and also a paid section to receive daily activities via email.

The Creative Penn Blog

by Joanna Penn

This one is very popular and covers everything from editing to publishing, and self-promotion.

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