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The One Who Was Unwritten

   by Alicia J. Novo

With her unnerving eyes and ability to hear books whisper, Beatrix Alba has never fit in. Bullied at home and school, she keeps a secret—a destructive power that burrows inside her like a caged monster.


When the cloak obscuring her magic fails, she’s catapulted into the Zveeshen, a realm where all tales live, and her dream of meeting her favorite characters comes true. But wishes are tricky, and behind its wonder and whimsy, the Zveeshen is under attack. A powerful wizard is burning bookworlds in pursuit of a weapon to rule both stories and those who write them.


To succeed, he needs a riddle Beatrix possesses. So now he’s hunting her down.


Joining forces with William, a cursed conjurer, Beatrix must face an enemy who knows her every weakness in a realm where witches play with time, Egyptian bird-gods regenerate, and Regency heroines lead covert operations. Even if, as a scorned Unwritten, she may have to sacrifice everyone she loves to save a world that rejects her.

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