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Find the Right Tool

Useful Tools

provide focus

There are apps and software options for everyone.


Top choices to ensure you spend 

most of your time writing.

Software Recommendations


​This is my favorite for any writing project. Great compiling options. Also sticky notes, folder structure, importing of pictures and audio, synopsis, and customizable metadata. Easy to hide scenes, re-shuffle, and version.


A free tool that enables mind-mapping. Indispensable for complex plotting, relationships, and looping elements. You can also use early on for brainstorming. Open source.

Drawio is an alternative.


Yes, Excel. Useful for creating plot streams and character cards visualized side by side. Also handy to manage the timing of information delivery over several chapters (as in clues in a mystery novel). 


Useful for creating visual collages for inspiration and as world-building props. There is a huge gallery of images and the ability to upload your own.

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