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Query, Pitch, Repeat.

Find an Agent

If you want to publish traditionally,

you will need an agent.


Here are the Top 4 tips to find one.

and get signed.

Best Advice, in brief

Finish your Manuscript

And edit thoroughly before sending. You only get one chance. Your query and your first pages are it. Make each word count. You've heard it before, edit, edit, edit. Your first sentence, your first paragraph, your first page should be your best work.

Get a Professional Query Review

Writing good queries is an art in itself. Not all of us excel at it. If you can get a professional query review, do it. It will be worth every penny. It will help you get an insight into how an agent will read your query, and it will serve to structure your pitch.

Pitch in Person

Agents are committing to you as well as your book. If you can meet in person at a conference and pitch, you've won half the battle. When you get your chance to pitch, be prepared, be professional, and be excited. You're selling your book, and you're selling yourself as an author.

Don't give up

Everyone says it because it is true. Rejection is part of the process. We all get rejections. All writers have gotten them (really, find one who hasn't). So keep trying. Pay attention to feedback. Look at your work critically. Rethink and retry. Just don't give up.

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Query Tracker

​A free online tool to manage your queries and agents.

Publishers Marketplace

You can sign up and receive information on deals for a feed but there's a free newsletter with up-to-date information as well.

Writer's Digest

The best guide to finding an agent in your genre. They often have agent spotlights and interviews.

Publishing 101

by The Balance

Lots of content including some good financial tips for when you get published.

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