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COVER Reveals: the ultimate checklist

Cover reveals are a big deal for the YA market and a great opportunity to create buzz early on

It’s been an insane month. So many things to get done! And in the middle of this pandemic that has everyone on edge. I’ve been having nightmares too. A couple were so vivid and creative, I had to take notes.

This month is the cover reveal of Unwritten and I’m so excited. I absolutely love the designer! Her 6 drafts were so amazing I had to do a poll with friends and family to decide which one to choose. Micaela Alcaino has done covers for Sabaa Tahir, Katharine Kerr, Charlie Holmberg and many more. I can’t believe I’m in such outstanding company.

Cover reveals are a big deal for the YA market. They represent a great opportunity to create buzz and identify a group of super fans early on. Because of the pandemic, many things have turned virtual and reveals can serve to spice up your online profile. For Unwritten, I'm doing a Grand Giveaway as part of the reveal. I had fun designing bookish goodies and printing bookmarks and swag. The talented Carol Marotta @carolgaia created amazing art of my main character Beatrix Alba, and I’ve printed postcards as well.


1) You can ask your publisher to help organize it.

2) You can partner with an influencer.

3) You can run your own reveal.

Make sure you set aside a small budget for the reveal. Even if your publisher organizes it, you will want to have an incentive or a giveaway to maximize interest and reach. If you are running it yourself, you might have to offer a gift card to people willing to help you. Also ads on social media can expand your audience the day of the reveal.

Option 2 almost always costs money, unless you have anyone in your circle who is an influencer. There are also blog tour companies that offer to coordinate reveals for an affordable price. I personally think it is worth the small investment, but it depends on your individual situation, online presence and network.

Once you've decided on your route, use this checklist to prepare for the COVER REVEAL:

After the Reveal

Bonus: Things to update after the cover reveal (from Bookbub)

As with all marketing activities, remember to have fun. Choosing something you like and be authentic. It will work much better than forcing yourself through an activity you despise.

Reveal date is July 18th 2020. Follow me on social media and participate in the Grand giveaway. If you are a reviewer interested in doing the cover reveal please email me

I will update this post with the Unwritten cover after the reveal.


Here is it folks!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success. We had over 95 people participating across social media and the blogosphere and it was a smash hit!

Dare always. Keep writing.

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