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To blog or not to blog

For years, I resisted the idea of blogging. Here is what's changed.

I have a confession.

I'm not a blogger. As a fiction writer, I prefer to speak through my characters. To ascribe them feelings and thoughts that I might or might not agree with and let them be vulnerable in my stead. It sounds cowardly when spoken aloud, but with notable exceptions, most writers are reserved beings by nature, plagued by insecurities and stuck in their heads. We are ruled by self-doubt and suffer massive doses of imposter syndrome.

As a fiction writer, I prefer to speak through my characters.

Well, because of the questions.

In past months, fellow writers have shared a challenge or a concern followed by the inevitable: "What do you think?" With surprise, I realized I often could offer help or at the very least an informed opinion. And when trying to do so, I found myself wishing I could direct them somewhere to find the information I fumbled to convey. A better option to a rushed interaction while standing in the parking lot of a restaurant. So in the spirit of daring...

Welcome to the Dare to Write blog.

I envision it as a shortcuts cheatsheet meets coffee-time commiseration and what I wished I'd known before. My plan is to provide value in a friendly, humble manner and connect with other writers on this rollercoaster ride.

I envision this blog as a shortcuts cheatsheet meets coffee-time commiseration and what I wished I'd known before.

The Structure: Three categories of posts.

Tips and advice is content-full and straightforward. I aim to provide only the most useful information in the most concise manner possible, distilled and without frills, so you can get back to writing asap. Actionable bullet points will highlight the key takeaways, and you are welcome to read only those.

Musings, on the other hand, is long-form. I expect digression and rambling and revisiting a-ha moments as well as right and wrong decisions that can help others. Read this if you are brain-fried or in need of procrastination--nobody is judging.

Life etc. will consist of inspirational posts, as in encouragement after a bad rejection (and yes, there are good rejections, and they can hold us up for weeks--see above, no judgment). It will feature practical suggestions and shortcuts around life as a writer and the craziness of this industry that chose us.

Tips features actionable bullet points--advice with no frills. Musings is long-form, a bit philosophical about what I've learned so far. Life etc. provides brief insights into making the most of the writing journey.

And make no mistake. It did choose us. No sane mortal would voluntarily take on the Torquemada-worthy torture chamber of the writing journey. Even for masochists, self-preservation would have kicked in a long time ago.

No. We do this; we stick to this wonderful, beautiful, maddening toil because we have no choice. We do it out of love. And the longer I spend as a part of the writing community, the more I feel the desire to give back to others fighting the same windmills day in and day out.

In this journey, many who are further than I am. There are also some coming behind, who are barely getting started. I offer the advice on this page from where I'm standing, and I hope it will serve. If but one of you finds a nugget to take you further, skip a fall, or reach there faster, then it would have been worth my time.

Dare, always. Keep writing.


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